World of Kyhermainn

The War of the Black Blood: Act 04

The Kingdom of Shal'mae


> Ken unable to make it.


All Dates Unknown (The Age of Heroes)
There are 4 months, each w/120 days – Hathamal [winter], Lavennah [spring], Lathesma [summer], and Murloch [autumn]

If anyone asks, the current “date” is: the 15th of Murloch 1299 of Argus’ Calendar (early Autumn)

1) The Characters analyzed their situation…

> A. Where were we? When were we? What happened? What was going on?

> B. TIMELINE: The Age of Heroes (2nd Age) was believed to have lasted over 5000 years. The Characters could have been anywhere between 700 to 5000 years in the past.

> C. LYSSANDRA mentioned that “PINNACLE” was the name given to the father of the Silver Dragons. What he is doing here is beyond her.

> A. The battle continued below, but the ‘monstrous’ army was slowly being pushed back.

> B. Whatever PINNACLE was doing above the dark clouds is unknown, but it was loud.

> C. A few moments later, another even larger contingent of FIRE GIANTS approached – a dozen or so – pushing multiple Siege engines (the group the Characters took out was the first group of 6x to make it to the top…) The Characters needed to escape.

3) The Characters got a chance to stop and breathe…

> A. They made camp at an underground stream with beautiful flowers and mushrooms, etc. and discussed their situation.

4) The following day, the characters set out trying to find the THRONE OF PELLIUS via DRAVIS’ staff. They find a winding series of caverns and a large, cavernous chamber. Along the way, BRANDR fell during an underground landslide.

> A. The other Characters think he’s dead. (TRUTH: he got sent through a conduit – they’re all over the place here during the 2nd Age.) BRANDR ends up being sent to a series of caverns near LOR’ THRELL (LORTHELL, capital of SHAL’MAE). (The Conduits have been recently ‘Shaped’ by LARRISSAH).

> B. LYSSANDRA was very irritated. She was “tired of losing people”. She revealed her true form when she climbed down to help tear through the rubble with her claws.

5) The Characters emerged from the Caverns and saw a winding river in the distance. They headed towards it, and realized it was the VERDAIN RIVER. Not long after, they found the PRAYING ROCK (there was no portal to MECHANUS now, however…)

This place is seemingly out of dreams. Everything just seems more…alive. The air is more crisp, the trees seem taller, and the plants more colorful. The sky is far more vibrant, with Vertoman more prominent and circled with a set of rings in front of a backdrop of beautiful celestial clouds and stars supplementing the constellations that you are more familiar with.

The grass was greener. The light was brighter. With friends surrounded. The nights of wonder.



> A. DRAVIS created Phantom Steeds for himself, ALTAYIR, and LYSSANDRA, and they soared high through the skies.

> B. Characters heard someone approaching, heard signs of battle below. Approaching the PRAYING ROCK was a small contingent of Torin warriors (Rangers) fighting a flock of WYVERNS; the former were being chased and appeared to seek shelter in the rocks. One had mentioned something offhanded about finding ‘a seer’…

> C. The Characters descended to assist the Rangers in battling the Wyverns. They were able to defeat them, but of the Rangers, only three remained out of nine – though they claimed MANY dead Wyverns were nearby – (they’d handled themselves well, but lost their escorts).


8) The Characters were approached by ISODE, NINEVE, and KERILD – they were clad in finely-crafted leather armors and cloaks. They claimed they were actually on a vital mission, and could use the Characters’ help, after burying their six dead comrades.

DESCRIPTIONS: These humans (Torins) were somewhat taller (by roughly 4 inches) and robust than the Characters were used to seeing. Their clothes were finely crafted; even the more “savage” Druids and Rangers had fine cloth and well-tanned leather, though obviously stained and damaged from recent battle. They were clad in leather and painted with tattoos.

> A. ISODE: Standing 6’ 0", ISODE had long red hair pulled tight in a band around her head. She carried a massive Two-Hand Longspear made of heavy bone and tipped with platinum, coated in runes, and on her back was an ornate Composite Shortbow cut from bronzewood.

>> i. PERSONALITY: ISODE was the leader of this group, and as such was shrewd, fearless and gallant. She was thoughtful, but decisive. She pitied the Characters, but was hesitant to help them (at first).

>> ii. ST NOTES: INTERESTS: ASTROLOGY, OMENS, CRAFTING, ART, HUNTING; She will be (somewhat) attracted to BRANDR due to his passion, etc.

> B. NINEVE: Standing 5’,10", NINEVE had long, curly blonde hair seemingly woven together with living flowers. She had green eyes and wore a green gown, though clad in protective bracers and a heavy cloak. On her back was a massive Composite Longbow that almost looked cut from pure ivory, and a heavy staff of gold and wood that seemed to have grown around each other.

>> i. PERSONALITY: NINEVE ws a kind-hearted healer-type, with a beautiful demeanor who took to the Characters instantly as soon as she learned they were “ill”. She came across as somewhat submissive, but only in a caretaker-mindset.

>> ii. ST NOTES: INTERESTS: HERBALISM, ASTRONOMY, MEDITATION, ANIMALS; She had a friendly attraction to (DRAVIS/ALTAYIR) due to their “bleakness”, if only to “cheer them up”.

> C. KERILD: Standing 6’ 1", KERILD had long brown hair, interspersed with what seemed to be green leaves. He wore a brown heavy leather cloak over stout leather armor, and carried a massive Scythe with a long, silvery blade, and a bronzewood Composite Shortbow similar to ISODE’S.

>> i. PERSONALITY: KERILD was a fairly easy-going man who suggested helping the Characters. He enjoyed joking and is light-hearted, but was intent on accomplishing their mission.


> D. NINEVE observed that the were Characters were “ill”, but seemed unclear as to what that meant…

> E. At one point, NINEVE told ISODE to “stop” as she clutched her amulet, likely meaning that the latter was trying to read the Characters’ thoughts. NINEVE seemed to trust the characters.

> F. NINEVE asked what had transpired, who they were, etc. Eventually NINEVE and KERILD convinced ISODE to let the Characters travel with them to CASTLE THRELL to meet LARRISSAH, though ISODE mentioned that the THRONE OF PELLIUS was “empty”.

9) ISODE’S MISSION: ISODE has been tasked with a vital mission (by “J’HANAR the WOUNDED”.)

> A. J’HANAR was a nearby Torin Lord of TOR’MARDEN [a castle between present LORTHELL & MARDUK KEEP] who received visions – but used them selfishly.

>> i. Now he was selfish and sought power for its own sake.

>> ii. J’HANAR was ill & afflicted with SYONOCHIUS, and would die without MURAYCHUS ROOT.

>> iii. However, he was regretting his ways as he succumbed to the disease (down the road he will sacrifice himself by becoming a servitor of MURLOCH, giving the Characters the MURAYCHAS ROOT.)

> B. ISODE and her cadre (after dealing with the Fire Giant artillery) were separated in the battle and made their way to the PRAYING ROCK.

> C. ISODE was sent to retrieve MURAYCHAS ROOT by J’HANAR. They have been less than successful, and are en route to LARRISSAH to ask her where it can be found.

> D. They believed that they would find a Seer at the PRAYING ROCK that would be able to aid them. (They were told this by J’HANAR THE WOUNDED).


10) (HEAVY DESCRIPTION) Characters (With ISODE’S RANGERS) set out for LOR’THRELL.


11) (HEAVY DESCRIPTION) Characters met LARRISSAH – who asked the Characters a strange question:

“What are you doing here, Dravis?”

> A. Ended in Cliffhanger……………


Tergannon Tergannon

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