World of Kyhermainn

The War of the Black Blood: Act 06

The Torins

All Dates Unknown (The Age of Heroes)
There are 4 months, each w/120 days – Hathamal [winter], Lavennah [spring], Lathesma [summer], and Murloch [autumn]

If anyone asks, the current “date” is: the 15th of Murloch 1299 of Argus’ Calendar (early Autumn)


1) DOWNTIME: The Characters had spent 10 days in CASTLE THRELL awaiting LARRISSAH’S RITUAL

> A. DRAVIS: Spent time learning as much of Shadow Magic as possible:

> B. ALTAYIR: Spent time with NINEVE

> C. BRANDR: Spent time with ISODE

> D. LYSSANDRA: Spent time away from the city.


> A. DAY 1 (The 15th of MURLOCH, 1299 of Argus’ Calendar [early Autumn]): Day when Characters emerged in the Age of Heroes, seeing the battle. Later, BRANDR fell in the caverns.

> B. DAY 2: DRAVIS, ALTAYIR, and LYSSANDRA encountered ISODE’S RANGERS; journey to CASTLE THRELL – journey took 2 days…

> C. DAY 4: Characters arrive at CASTLE THRELL, and meet LARRISSAH early that morning (they were ‘fast tracked’ in because of their “dire illness”). They also were reunited with BRANDR. They spent the afternoon in LOR’THRELL; ALTAYIR ordered his armor; it would take 2 weeks.

> D. DAY 5: The following day, they traveled back to the GREAT HALL to speak with LARRISSAH, who gave them a quest along with ISODE’S RANGERS to the VALE OF THE GUARDIANS. It would take them about 2 days to find it – after “getting lost”.

> E. DAY 8: The Characters reach the VALE OF THE GUARDIANS, after 2 days “getting lost” and 1 more day journeying; there they battle the NATURE ELEMENTAL.

> F. DAY 11: The Characters returned to CASTLE THRELL, and spent 10 days awaiting the preparations to be completed for LARRISSAH’S RITUAL.

> G. DAY 21: The Ritual is enacted; it takes 2 days

> H. DAY 23: The Ritual is complete; Characters need 2 days to recover

> I. DAY 25: Characters resume exploration of the Age of Heroes

> J. DAY 28: KERILD comes to the Characters and asks for their help, claiming TOR MARDEN is under attack. The Characters meet with LARRISSAH and FORDREN and decide to aid the Rangers in their defense of their home.

> K. DAY 30: The army assembled by FORDREN sets out for TOR MARDEN.

> L. DAY 36: The army arrives outside of TOR MARDEN and prepares to attack the following day; ALTAYIR, DRAVIS, and BRANDR have a strange experience having a telepathic conversation with RUMELL.

3) ITEMS (Given):
From the Vale of the Guardians:
> a. Robe: Robe of Holding (Has 20x Pockets, each with Deeppockets spell)
> b. 2H Sword: “Archiveld” (2H Sword +3; +1d6 Lightning Damage; True Defender [AC + 3])
> c. Armor: Improved Plate: +3 Arrowbane (Prot. from Normal Missiles)
> d. Ring : Ring of Holiness (Pr)
> e. Scroll: Scroll of Creation
> f. Potions: 1x Potion of Regeneration; 1x Potion of Extra Healing
> g. Bag: Wind Pouch
> h. Sword: Shortsword +4 Defender
> i. Quarterstaff: Staff of Battle
> j. Medium Shield: +1 Galtshield
> k. Comp Short Bow: +2 “Herrowmor” (can be wielded regardless of Strength)
> l. Arrows (22x) +3 arrows

> m. Treasure: 880x MP, 4360x PP, 7313xGP

> n. 4x Art Objects
>> i. Golden Lute (1200gp)
>> ii. Silver Circlet encrusted with Emeralds; interwoven with draconic imagery (6000gp)
>> iii. Quiver of Golden Leather (200gp)
>> iv. Suite of Gold plates and china (3000gp)

From Ragnor:
> o. Potion: Potion of Extra Healing
> p. Bow: Composite Short Bow +2 of Distance
> q. Helm of Armoring +3
> r. Ring of Regeneration
> s. Arrows +1 (28x)
> t. Boots of Speed
> u. Two Hand Sword +2 Silver Dragon Slayer
> v. Armor: Splint Mail +4



“Each of you now seems to have a somewhat greater understanding of the world around you. Not exactly in a manner that can fit description; you simply ‘feel’ more a part of the world, as if you are more attuned to it. It isn’t as if you have been enlightened to the secrets of the world, or have any glimpse of a level of hidden knowledge, but you can tell – you can feel – that there are such things, and their existence brings with it a comfort in knowing they are out there, even if you cannot understand what they even are, or what they even mean. It is as if there are much fewer questions of ‘why’, and far more contentedness in knowing things simply are as they are.”

“You feel as if your consciousness has expanded, and is interacting in most subtle means with forces around you that you can now if not recognize, at least perceive – that bid you welcome into this new world. With it comes a level of confidence in an understanding of the greater world around you, and a realization that there is – and has always been – forces far greater in number interacting with the world itself around you than you had ever considered. Their mysteries remain, but simple awareness of them brings contentedness to each of you.”

A. LARRISSAH’S RITUAL, as it turns out, lasted almost 2 days (46.9 hours = 2814 min).

B. Following the Ritual, LYSSANDRA and NINEVE helped the Characters back to the WESTERN WINDS TAVERN, while ISODE and KERILD tended to the dying J’HANAR.


A. Two more days passed before the Characters were in decent form to really mill around.

B. DRAVIS initially insisted on spending the time in his tower on the outskirts of town, but LYSSANDRA told him that there have been reports that it wasn’t exactly…safe outside the city right now. In the next few days, he returned to his research, and found:

A tome called the “Methods of Shardcraft”, containing three spells that tapped into the Shard as well as the Plane of Shadow. These spells would prove to be difficult for him to have learned recently (all else equal), and he could transcribe them only because of his recent familiarity with Shard Realms:

> i. Shadow Blink (W3)
> ii. Turnshadow (W6)
> iii. Blacksteel (W1)

The following day, he found one last tome nearby the Methods of Shardcraft that seems somewhat out of place – unlike virtually all the tomes he’s read lately this one seemed difficult to really decipher the script of; even the title “Honouriconium” seemed strange, given the material dealt with magical deceptions and fabrications. Considering the lack of such concepts that Dravis had observed, he thought it might be interesting. Though it took some time to learn that there wasn’t much emphasis on Shadow sorcery, he still found a few relevant incantations within its pages…

> iv. Zala’s Deception (W5)
> v. Warp Sense (W2)
> vi. Mailed Might (W3)
> vii. Material (W3)


A. After recuperating for 2 days, the Characters were now ready to go.

B. LYSSANDRA told the Characters some things she’s learned:

> i. Apparently, the titanic battle that had transpired a few weeks earlier had led to a SHAL’MAEAN victory, but there was a great deal of trepidation among the people (for them, that is…), because “THE THRONE OF PELLIUS IS EMPTY…” (she said mockingly, revealing her frustration)

> ii. LYSSANDRA said that PELLIUS had ruled SHAL’MAE for thousands of years, and was now “no more” (though she didn’t get the impression he’d died – at least in the conventional sense.)

> iii. The people of CASTLE THRELL were gravely concerned, and had pinned their hopes on LARRISSAH leading them – though she didn’t rule; she’d mainly come to aid PELLIUS.

> iv. Interestingly enough, there seemed to be really not that much discussion of any of the details of the war itself. They just didn’t seem to be too important to anyone.

> v. From what she could tell, there were actually two “enemies” that CASTLE THRELL faced – one seemed to fit the description of the forces of WHURMAT (based on the history of the War of the Brothers); the other she believed to be the VEKNOR……


A. Three days later (DAY 28), KERILD arrived at the WESERN WINDS TAVERN – he claimed that “The Dark ones are marching on TOR’MARDEN – We need aid”; and that ISODE was getting word to LARRISSAH, and was asking for the Characters’ aid also.

> i. NOTE: J’HANAR was now “gone”; and TOR’MARDEN was leaderless…

B. Soon enough, a Herald found the Characters and said that their presence had been requested by LARRISSAH

C. The Characters traveled to the GREAT HALL and found many warriors are preparing for battle. Upon entering, they (specifically) were invited in by the Herald….

D. LARRISSAH and FORDREN were examining a map of this overall region, which BRANDR recognized. The bottom right corner of the map seems to be singed and burning slowly, though no smoke seemed to come from it.

> i. It was assumed that the map’s charred areas represented areas taken by the monstrous armies that the Taral were warring against.

> ii. Flanking LARRISSAH were two cloaked figures who clearly were not Torins. They seemed tall and lithe; more so than Torins, and seemed almost Celestial in origin. They stood by LARRISSAH in silence, with their heads down.

E. LARRISSAH still appeared somewhat weakened; her face a pale white. FORDREN appeared agitated, and neither acknowledged the Characters’ entry at first.

> i. LARRISSAH mentioned that “they chose this moment” knowing J’HANAR would not be at TOR MARDEN and that she was weakened; she reasoned they were “Servants of the DARKBROOD”.

> ii. FORDREN seemed very eager to meet the army attacking TOR MARDEN, but LARRISSAH cautioned FORDREN, saying “they were led by the BLOOD LORD, but in a ‘new manner’”.

>> 1. LARRISSAH also warned FORDREN about standing against the BLOOD LORD himself, for he was “aided by foulness most dark.”, and that “He may no longer be defeated by the sword alone; for he now must be imprisoned to be defeated.”

>> 2. This concerned FORDREN, who apparently was unaware of it.

> iii. LARRISSAH said that FORDREN must lead the relief of TOR MARDEN, but that he must not go into battle with the BLOOD LORD himself. FORDREN didn’t seem to care, claiming he was “his father’s son”.

> iv. LARRISSAH said that the BLOOD LORD’s general was the true threat, and that FORDREN could not fall if SHAL’MAE was to survive.

> v. LARRISSAH counseled FORDREN to avoid the BLOOD LORD himself, and concentrate on devastating his army before he can take the field, and that he must “use his best judgment” and _"prepare to suffer grave defeat if he was to one day know victory." _

>> 1. She elaborated with: “There are three paths before you, Fordren. One leads to your doom, and then the doom of Shal’mae. One leads to the end of our world and the beginning of the next, and the other…the other is known only to the gods themselves; for I no longer hold their favor.”

>> 2. FORDREN seemed gravely concerned at the last part…

> vi. LARRISSAH then tried to reassure him, claiming: “Nonsense. Choose your future, Fordren. Two of the three paths lead to our survival. Soon there shall be a reckoning between two storms. One day there shall be a castle with a new king. One day there shall be five armies on one hill. One day there will be either victory or defeat. For now, do as you must and will.”

> vii. Other things mentioned:

>> 1. The BLOODLORD had had a son, though she didn’t know what that meant yet.

>> 2. She claimed PINNACLE was still in the area, but was tending to his wounds; he might aid FORDREN or not.

>> 3. LARRISSAH claimed FORDREN couldn’t fight the BLOOD LORD because “The Throne of Pellius was empty”. He seemed sick of hearing it too…

F. ALTAYIR – Towards the end of their conversation, ALTAYIR seemed to hear faint, barely intelligible whispers in the back of his mind (the words seemed alien, yet somehow, familiar…)

> i. “Our Forty-two bravest will stand with you….”

> ii. “You must… the door…..”

> iii. “Serallium-Torvaren. Sel-forethei Cor Norem…”

G. As ALTAYIR’s eyes narrowed, trying to understand what he’d heard, he realized that LARRISSAH had stopped speaking in mid-sentence and was staring directly toward him. Silence filled the room.

> i. ALTAYIR then seemed to ask LARRISSAH as to what the meaning of the words might be; she ignored him momentarily and turned back to FORDREN, telling him to gather his reserve forces…

> ii. FORDREN spoke to BRANDR, claiming that TOR’MARDEN’S WARDEN had come to him and mentioned that BRANDR had had an interest in taking to battle – and that he was cordially invited to join them.

>> 1. BRANDR suggested setting out now with ISODE’S RANGERS rather than wait for FORDREN’S force to assemble, but FORDREN counseled otherwise, claiming that getting into the Castle (the only rational choice) would be difficult for a group of 7x warriors.

>> 2. FORDREN then departed to assemble his force; they’d leave in 2 days…

> iii. LARRISSAH then seemed to turn to leave, but she was approached by ALTAYIR as the others left with FORDREN

>> 1. ALTAYIR asked LARRISSAH about his visions and the voices he’d heard, and she was expectedly somewhat elusive, appearing very tired and clearly not fond of being questioned by “mortals” – though ALTAYIR could also tell there was something else about either him (or the Characters in general) that seemed to bother her…

>> 2. LARRISSAH does tell ALTAYIR that their enemy (The DARKBROOD) was: “… our ancient foe. They seek to corrupt and destroy us. They seek to enslave us and bring about their darkness across the face of all of Kyhermainn’s Garden…”

>> 3. As ALTAYIR turned to leave, LARRISSAH turned to him and said “The visions will only get worse…”


A. Two Days passed as FORDREN gathered his army to head Northeast to TOR MARDEN.

B. NOTE: LYSSANDRA seems to be having a more and more difficult time understanding the Characters. While realizing this, the Characters also seemed to realize they had a much easier time understanding their Torin allies. Soon, it seemed evident that the Torins possessed and shared a limited form of empathy or telepathy, which they were now able to understand…

C. NOTE: Also during this time, BRANDR asked ISODE to clarify many questions he’d had about phrases, meanings, etc. She “leveled with him and the group” on what many things meant…

> i. ISODE claimed that the “THRONE OF PELLIUS” was indeed an actual throne (two levels above the courtyard where LARRISSAH dwelled) where PELLIUS ruled over his kingdom of SHAL’MAE for thousands of years.

The phrase “the throne of Pellius is empty” meant simply that PELLIUS was no longer upon it – he has “passed on” or “moved on”. She doesn’t imply that he “died” per se, but her tone of voice carried with it a tone of disappointment – more like he abandoned the land and “moved on” to dwell with the deities.

> ii. The DARKBROOD were indeed an ancient enemy of not only the Torins, but of “all existence”. They “were corruption incarnate”. From her perspective, they had been the sworn enemy of the Torins, and the latter had been battling them her entire life.

> iii. The DARKBROOD had not always been in this region, but had slowly advanced from the south over the past few centuries. However, this latest war was not the first time they had fought the Torins; they were believed to be ancient enemies from before time was time.

D. NOTE: Also, while they waited, ALTAYIR considered the list of visions he had gleaned with JHALAMYRN, and kept drawing a blank regarding “You must speak with the spirit of Mierna.”

> i. BRANDR then spoke up about a strange dream he’d had after falling in the caverns several weeks earlier. He described a dream that had felt so real to him in which he’d been rescued by an old woman who had tended to his wounds and was asking him about his quest, etc. She was a kindly old woman who claimed she was just an old healer; she never gave her name.

>> 1. BRANDR said that she had been ‘very easy to talk to’, and he found himself telling her all about his life, his quest, and his exploits; even the great battle they’d witnessed when they’d first arrived.

> ii. BRANDR supposed that this might have been “the spirit of Mierna”…it was very disconnected with his actual recovery, which took place at CASTLE THRELL. As he recounted the story, he seemed to remember the old woman’s final words in his dream very clearly:

“I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for, son. You have what it takes to find it. May the gods bless you and your friends on your journey.”

> iii. No one had a clue what this meant, but they acknowledged the possibility that BRANDR had spoken with ‘the spirit of Mierna’.

E. NOTE: Throughout the day, ALTAYIR began ‘perceiving’ in the distance a fluctuating circle, almost resembling a large rift, or perhaps a conduit – sometimes there, sometimes not., far far away.

F. The journey to TOR MARDEN would take SIX DAYS once everyone was assembled, and set out.


A. After journeying with the army for 6 days, the Characters saw TOR MARDEN in the distance.

B. Throughout the journey, ALTAYIR had continued to perceive the fluctuating circle, which seemed to be directly behind their destination; they had approached it the entire time.

> i. ALTAYIR then put his Spectacles of Eagle Eyes on, and his vision raced forward to the center of the circle far in the distance, where he saw what appeared to be a somewhat bored looking man clad in nondescript bluish robes, with a white shirt and somewhat unkempt brown hair.

>> 1. The man seemed surprised by ALTAYIR noticing him, but looked up and silently mouthed “Take your time…” in a somewhat condescending manner.

> ii. ALTAYIR then attempted to telepathically contact the man, and did so, again surprising him. Then, using their newfound Torin Empathy/Telepathy, ALTAYR was then able to connect DRAVIS and BRANDR to his telepathic communication.

>> 1. LYSSANDRA, ISODE, NINEVE, and KERILD could tell they were experiencing a shared vision, but couldn’t hear any of it…

C. The man introduced himself as RUMELL, a servitor of CHRONISH – the Characters remembered that name because:

> i. LARISSAH had said RUMELL had wanted to speak with them and “would find them.”

> ii. ‘RUMELL’ was the name of the LORD BISHOP OF CHRONISH in KADGAR from the Characters’ own time in the Age of Mortals. GABRIEL ARCADES had gone to RUMELL with questions about his and his family’s newfound slow aging and vitality, etc., RUMELL had asked him about “visiting the Throne of Pellius”, and gave him the ICE DAGGER KEY that he gave to them to investigate how to defeat TOURLACK.

D. RUMELL introduced himself, speaking in a very nonchalant manner; half complaining about his existence, the gods, LARRISSAH, etc., and half asking them questions:

> i. HIS QUESTION: How have you spent your time? (What are you doing here?)

>> 1. He lectured DRAVIS for focusing on spells and trinkets instead of caring to save the histories of the Age of Heroes that were lost.

>> 2. He Half-praised ALTAYIR in getting to know NINEVE and learning of the ways of the Age of Heroes at the Temple of Vertoman.

>> 3. He gave backhanded praised BRANDR for his time with ISODE, in the tavern with KERILD, and spending time in the “day-to-day mundanities” (since that’s really all he could do…)

>> 4. He scoffed at LYSSANDRA for her pointless activities, though she was outside the conversation…

> ii. DISCUSSION: The multifaceted benefits CHRONISH used when using Time Travel.

>> 1. “In the very rare instances when travelers have traveled through time, it was to serve multiple purposes. He explained how that the main reason for their appearance was likely to convince LARRISSAH to “give up her struggle because she was ‘in the way’, etc.”

> iii. DISCUSSION: The “difference between deities and non-deities”

>> 1. “Mortals can comprehend the concept of Infinity; deities can understand it”.

> iv. DISCUSSION: Specifics are not ‘known to’ RUMELL even if they are –

>> 1. “Time is a great wall with every event, no matter how great or small recorded – but a mortal mind has only a candle and a mortal mind’s memory. Only an infinite mind could truly see all the points in time…”

> v. DISCUSSION: RUMELL’S speculation on the Deities’ overarching plans for the world:

>> 1. “Assuming the deities aren’t suicidal, and the fact that in the 1st & 2nd Ages, each time there has led to a stalemate that has degenerated the world…..whatever the deities’ plan is, it seemed that….”

“they think you’re the only ones who can win…..”

E. RUMELL then told the Characters that they must go into the battle the next day; that they must “see their enemy with their own eyes”, then warned them that they best not die in the battle, but escape it to return to their own time – at the conduit where he ever-so-eagerly awaited them, to return them to the Age of Mortals – and their showdown with TOURLACK

F. ALTAYIR then broke the connection, and the three men looked at each other silently; their companions didn’t seem the wiser.

G. They then tried to settle down for some sleep, knowing the following day was going to bring with it the fight of their lives. At least the first part…


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