Cardrelle Devrington

Captain of the Caravel 'Ocelot'


Cardrelle is of slightly above average height for a woman, with an thin (almost petite) athletic build, with long dark blonde hair held down by a thick bandana and usually covered in a seafaring captain’s hat. She has bright green eyes with a slight silver hue. At first she doesn’t portray a bizarre appearance, but considering her station and her loud, cantankerous demeanor, she certainly can seem ‘out of place’ for an attractive, petite girl with a young, fresh smile. She is attractive, despite a long scar on the left side of her face from her hairline down her cheek, which she never acknowledges and instantly strikes anyone else who speaks of it – truly painful due to her bizarrely high strength.

She dresses the part of a sea captain, wearing tight clothes, usually dark colors and black. Her long blonde hair is usually somehow clean, straight, but somewhat frizzy, and rarely bound. On occasion she will dye her hair (all or streaks) red, brown, blonde with black streaks, etc just to “mix things up”. She is never without her sword and a few daggers.


Cardrelle’s background is shrouded in mystery; all that is known is that she seems to have a dark past, likely spent mostly at sea, which would explain her level of ‘comfort’ at the helm of the Ocelot. She has several enduring friendships/business arrangements with many former crew mates, most significantly Dimitri and Wadsworth.

Roleplaying Hints:
You are always in charge while on your ship, so much so that you need not even be paranoid about it. In fact, the Ocelot is the only place you aren’t somewhat paranoid – because you aren’t in charge. Your freedom is the most important thing in the entire world, and you will kill at will at the drop of a hat to ensure it. Aside from that, you have no particular compunctions with morality, other than your inexplicable lack of interest in killing innocents. You don’t really care about them, but for some reason deep down you only kill people who’ve earned killing. Causes beyond your own are often beyond your concern, but on occasion you find one, and pursue its end with the drive and incessant mania that has served you well with everything else in your life.

You have no particular bent towards morality due to your cantankerous personality, but generally find yourself having more in common with benevolence rather than the pirate scum you find yourself surrounded by more often than not.

You’d prefer most of all being left alone to your ship, and whatever crew you’d enjoy having. Knowing that life entails more than this annoys you, but this is the best it can be for you – and you love it. Maybe later you can find a partner in crime per se, but you enjoy the pleasures of life and get out when things look bad, making the most of every opportunity.

Her beloved ship, the Ocelot, is her only real haven, though she has many places she could go if needed throughout the Cerulean Sea rim.

Secrets and Flaws:
Her greatest flaw (aside from her bouts of mania) is her obsession with freedom, which is tied in directly with the Ocelot. She loves her ship, and the freedom it gives her. She will kill – without remorse – at the drop of a hat to keep both.

Some would actually call her unbalanced or unhinged, and they’d be right. The truth is that she enjoys being angry; it just helps – she is served well by her perceived ‘madness’ – but when she does become enraged, she isn’t capable of much past “solving” that which vexes her.

Unknown, believed to be significant around the Cerulean Sea rim.

Summarized into one Quote:
“This is my ship. My crew. My fun. Love it or leave.”

Cardrelle Devrington

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