Celevain of Weatherly

The 'Poet of Legends'


Celevain is an average-size, average-build man at first resembling a half-elf, seemingly in his late twenties to early thirties. His skin seems almost to carry a golden sheen to it, however, and his short-cropped bronze-colored hair is lustrous and perpetually well groomed. He has piercing blue eyes and an ever-present sense of youthfulness about him, with a smile, as if his life was destined to be one of carefree enjoyment. After careful examination, he appears to be an Aasimar; even more close observation will reveal Eladrin physical traits.

Celevain is almost always well groomed, and somehow never stays dirty even when he gets dirty, although he isn’t compulsive in any way about his appearance. He usually wears clothing appropriate to the venue he performs at. He usually wears a high quality shirt and pants, usually in earth tones and when adventuring always wears a heavy brown cloak with green highlights and lining. He carries his Sabre with him at all times, save when weapons are not permitted. (He usually never is bothered by giving up his sword, but realizes that it gives him slightly more flair in his epic poems of great warriors and battles.) Across his back, he carries a fine quality Short Bow when adventuring, and he is as equal in skill with it as with his Sabre. Under his shirt can sometimes be seen a silver and bronze pendant, which Celevain never takes off.


Celevain was born in 734 CC on Arborea to the Ghaele Eladrin Hanneth Eratha and an unnamed lover. It is possible that she is married to the man, but nothing is known for certain. Celevain’s parents were both tireless champions of the cause of good, and each had many enemies, all of whom would have loved to cause harm to their son, so they decided to let Celevain grow up on his own, away from them and their dangerous lives. Lady Hanneth wanted Celevain to grow up to be a great warrior and yet wise. Celevain’s father, however, wished only for the boy to be truly happy in life and fear no pain, to live his life in smiling and making life better for those who would be blessed enough to know him. They decided Celevain’s life would best be begun in Sigil because the eyes of the gods (and their enemies) were closed to it.

Celevain was placed in the Weatherly’s Place, an ‘orphanage’ (insomuch as orphanages exist in Sigil) for beneficiaries of well-to-do Planars. Lady Weatherly took Celevain in after Lady Hanneth’s generous donation, and the boy grew up there. Celevain had a mischievous childhood, constantly got into small fights and skirmishes with those envious of him and his gift to command the attention of a crowd and the fact he never felt pain.

He met the Tiefling Laetia at a very young age, and loved being around her, because she was very exotic and different from anyone else he had ever known. She performed magic tricks for the children and was a good friend of Lady Weatherly, always holding a youthful and beautiful appearance. He thought of her at first like a big sister, then a mother-figure, and when he reached his teen years, he realized he had deep feelings of love for her. Laetia initially thought this was amusing, but as he got older, she felt it necessary to level with him and admit her feelings of resentment at all he had been given, and that she could not love him in the same way.

For some time, Celevain moped and developed an almost insatiable taste for alcohol and revelry to cheer him up. It worked brilliantly, and Celevain accepted Laetia’s friendship as an equal, and proceeded to strive to be a great entertainer of Legends. Life was good and Celevain felt as if there were nothing wrong in all the multiverse.

This lasted until his sixteenth birthday, when an outer-worldly beautiful woman approached him after a great performance in the Drunken Modron Tavern. After suppressing the carnal thoughts inebriation brings to performers late in the evenings, he was stunned when the woman revealed herself to be Lady Hanneth Eratha, his mother. She told him (unapologetically) why she left him with Lady Weatherly, and felt he was ready enough to be a wise leader, and that his days of celebration and drunken revelry were best left in the past. Celevain responded with a drunken refusal, topped off with “You call yourself a mother, wait 16 years, meet me for one hour, and expect me to change all that I am because it’s what you want? Lady Laetia is more a mother of mine, not you!”

Lady Hanneth and Celevain eventually reconciled the argument, but she maintained her disapproval and he maintained his celebratory lifestyle. Lady Hanneth did not, however, take kindly to Celevain’s mention of Laetia as being more for him than her, however, yet she carried the grudge against Laetia so she could ignore it against her son.

Celevain is now a proud and happy Bard of the Upper Planes, Outlands, and Sigil. He mingles often with the Sensates, but has cast his lot with the Free League for technical reasons. He believes in exuberance, valor, legends and great deeds, and has little interest in philosophy. Sigil is his home, but part of him does miss out on another life. He is truly happy, and will never turn back now.

Roleplaying Hints:
Celevain isn’t a “rebel”, but one wouldn’t start with that impression. He lives for revelry, happiness, and find great joy in inspiring others to achieve their dreams in any way possible. He has no fear for himself or his well-being, but he greatly fears for others, and has inherited his mother’s instinctive desire to go out into the world and bring peace and goodness into as many lives as possible. Celevain is not a warrior, though, and believes that he does this through his poetry and performance.

His mother Hanneth Eratha is a powerful Ghaele Eladrin, and her treatment of his childhood years and over-protective zeal for him in recent times have ended up molding Celevain into a rebel who believes in hard work and horseplay. While he knows he is not living up to the expectations of his ‘birthright’, he believes he does the most good in the world being in the middle of it, with the people he treasures so dearly. He has no specific aspirations for power, fame, or wealth, and doesn’t wish to ever feel himself to be ‘above’ anyone else. Celevain despises Arrogance, but greatly respects Confidence.

Celevain often will not take something seriously until the absolute last moment, then will rise to the challenge with stern resolve that often borders on stubbornness. He will stand by his friends even if he knows they knowingly did wrong, because that is what he is: a supporter one can turn to in times of need. Celevain is difficult to anger, although he feigns the opposite often at taverns for the sake of the laugh and on occasion to let larger folk know he is physically intimidated by no one, despite his (relatively) short stature and light build. When he is motivated for violence, he won’t be as dangerous then and there as a warrior or wizard, but he will charge Hell with a bucket of gasoline and will never give up. Ever. He might retreat, but he will always come back for more until his task is done.

Most of what Celevain is when it comes to danger derives from the one thing that greatly separates him from everyone else in his world: his Immunity to Physical Pain. Celevain sees his injuries and knows they hurt and ache, but the effects to not cause him any discomfort. He is thus more reckless than he should be, perhaps, and more prone to emotional decisions, due to the fact that the only pain he has ever experienced has been pain of the heart.

Celevain is Loyal, Compassionate, Friendly, and could almost be called a ‘martyr for the cause of happiness’. Seeing Depression offends him personally nowadays, as he lives for reaching down and helping others see their potential.

Celevain has several small residences, but considers the Drunken Modron Tavern in Sigil to be his ‘home’. He has small residences in Sylvania and Glorium, also. In Sigil, Celevain also has a small haven in the Clerk’s Ward where he keeps most of his wealth and personal effects following Oorta’s attack upon the Drunken Modron Tavern.

Secrets and Flaws:
While he has a great sense of happiness for who he is and what he does, Celevain’s strong bonds of friendship also cause him some degree of internal strife in the fact that he himself is not a great warrior; he is a great performer. While he is certainly dangerous and proficient at dealing with potential enemies, he does not carry the power of the warriors he so respects and venerates in song. In the beginning, this was not much of a problem, but as time has gone on, Celevain has deep regrets about his lack of battle prowess – especially when it comes to protecting the friends he cares for so much. While is confidence and combat skill are unmatched in Tavern Brawls, on the battlefield Celevain leaves a lot to be desired – and this is the only source of insecurity he will probably ever know.

Celevain is quite popular and well-known in the Gate Towns of Ecstasy, Sylvania, and Glorium, as well as the Outlands Realm of Ironridge. In Sigil, his fame is limited mostly to the Clerk’s and Lady’s Wards, but performs in the other Wards as well from time to time. Officially, Celevain is a member of the Free League, but in truth he is too open-minded even to carry their mindset (or lack thereof). He has many friends among the Sensates, including Factol Erin Darkflame Montgomery and Lady Eliza Brightbow.

Celevain has a potent list of friends in high places, but doesn’t think of them as such. Free Leaguers consider him a kindred spirit, but not a leader, which is fine with Celevain, who doesn’t believe he should be seen as a leader. He also has some contacts in several other Factions, including the Trancendent Order (Ciphers), Revolutionary League (Anarchists), and Signers of One.

Mostly, Celevain prefers to think of his ‘influence’ to be a positive one for all who wish to hear. His message is one that inspires hope, and his poems are meant for any and all. In this regard, he has a strong following, as he is well-liked amongst the Upper Planes, even if he doesn’t know the extent…

Summarized into one Quote:
“Those bastards will never defeat us…NEVER! They’ll have to kill us first…”

Celevain of Weatherly

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