Crown Princess Victoria Pernicius of Paradraxon

Crown Princess of Paradraxon


Victoria is the younger of two children of the late King Ruslan of Pergammon and his Elven Queen Hellain. Ruslan, a popular and well-respected knight of Solathaim, went long into his kingship without offspring until meeting and falling in love with Hellain, whom he happily married and made his queen, which sadly began a series of tremendous controversies. Queen Hellain gave Ruslan two children: first, a boy; Prince Auriak, then later a girl; Princess Victoria. The two half-elven children were seen by some as a corruption of the Holy Line of Lord Argus the Wise, and the most zealous of these Traditionalists were known as The Argusianics. Before Auriak was even seven years old and Victoria five, Queen Hellain was assassinated by a small cadre of fundamentalist Argusianics. King Ruslan however was still beloved by the overwhelming majority of his people, and a pro-loyal backlash destroyed the majority of the Argusianics within the next few years. Some lingering doubts would always hang over Auriak and Victoria, though, especially when each proved to be quite adept at the use of magic.

Auriak, who would prove to be eternally bitter about his mother’s death, and provoked the Traditionalists by being the first of the holy line of Argus to openly embracing Wizardry over Knighthood, to the outright dismay of many of Pergammon’s citizenry. When King Ruslan died in 715 CC, Pergammon began to fracture with Auriak on the throne. Baron Leoric of Carlizan began to lead a sweeping revolution advocating more power to the Guilds and minor nobles of Pergammon, but the Pergammon Civil War was stopped in 724 CC when Auriak was killed in battle with the combined forces of Baron Leoric and Earl Narbach of Maldiran. The Rise of the Giants immediately ended the disastrous Pergammon Civil War, and instantaneously threw the entire kingdom into an age of darkness.

Victoria, unlike Auriak, had been brought up with no ambitions to rule. She was educated well and had a great gift for learning – in fact a thirst for it. History was especially appealing to her, and she took great pride in her father and the Line of Argus. As she began spending more time in study, she began to engage in her own pursuits. In time, she began to develop into a very independent-minded woman; yet this nature was tempered by the great sense of humility and grace that Ruslan had taught her. When Prince Auriak died, she shrewd Victoria realized what Pergammon had come to. She seized power over the capital of Paradraxon itself and the King’s traditional lands, but stopped there. Holding loyal ground would be easy, but to fight off the inevitable challenges to her authority that were led by Duke Evremar of Tarsyll without resuming the Civil War, Victoria named herself “Crown Princess”, and not “Queen”. The Line of Argus would keep its traditional domain and lands, and she let it known that she would not impose her will upon the Duke or the other nobles of Pergammon.

Despite her half-elven origins, some degree of sorcery (which she used in her scholarly pursuits), and the fact that no woman had ever ruled a kingdom of Pergan in it’s recorded history, Victoria is still wildly popular with her subjects. She is truly loyal to Ruslan’s causes and ideals, and she truly loves her city of Paradraxon. Victoria is her own woman now, however, and with her shrewdness, loyalty, grace, and political cunning, she has kept hope for Pergammon’s rebirth alive – and her people adore her for it.

Crown Princess Victoria Pernicius of Paradraxon

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