Human Merchant living in Eranorn


Dimitri is not a huge man, but he is thick muscled and fairly stout; not fat but certainly not “fit”. He usually wears dark red or gray clothes of nondescript type, though he prefers to have somewhat ‘nice’ clothes regardless. He is always armed, though he doesn’t commonly carry his broadsword within a city.


Dimitri is a merchant of sorts, with a mysterious background that is known only to include many travels to many places and encounters with many strange and interesting people. Little is known of his family, though some of his closer associates know that he has an uncle that he has some dealings with.

What is known of Dimitri is that though he lusts for gold, Dimitri’s preferred “currency” is favors, contacts, information, rare items, and often pursues these interests openly. Gold can be stolen and property can be confiscated, but most of his “currency” is immune to such things – and by now he has accrued much of said currency. Dimitri can generally get where he wishes to go, or knows someone who knows someone who can. He fancies himself a “fixer”, providing knowledge, contacts, and on occasion rare items to the Characters when appropriate.

Roleplaying Hints:
You enjoy having a good time, and look at your various occupations as a means to pursue that end. Your past work has brought you opportunity, some wealth, and the chance to do what you were born to do. They have been good for business, and that’s what you care about.

Morality, in so far as you are concerned, has been irrelevant until recently. You generally don’t care about good or evil, right or wrong, or have anything tangible ‘at stake’, but as you get older, these things seem to matter more. And you do recognize opportunity. Fortunately for the rest of the world, there seems to be more opportunity as a fence and smuggler than your other ‘specialty’ right now. You enjoy associating with principled, well-intentioned friends. You love the thrill of excitement in trying to pull off the impossible. Love it.


Secrets and Flaws:
Numerous, and your past.

Eh, who’s counting?

Summarized into one Quote:
_ “You need gold? I get you gold. You need weapons? I get you weapons. You need army? I get you army. Let’s make a deal…"_


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