Jayden Arrington

Corlanic Human Priestess of Lathesma


Lady Jayden is a beautiful young woman in her mid-20’s with long, wavy dark brown hair and large brown eyes. She has a thin, but athletic frame, and a young, whimsical, almost innocent face that can quickly find sarcasm, anger, or silliness in anything – at least most of the time. While she serves in an official capacity, be it at court or in negotiations, or at Temple she comes across as an almost stoic figure, reflecting her single-most heartfelt desires (some might say obsession) to one day seen Pergammon reborn as it once was.

She prefers long, flowing gowns and dresses, almost always in bright colors, and depending on her mood she alternates between more conservative attire (highlighting her status as a Noble Lady of Paradraxon), to more low-cut and loose-fitting gowns highlighting the beauty of the beautiful Priestess of Lathesma she has grown to become.

Naturally when adventuring, she dresses more in keeping with the road, her clothing bound more tightly and usually clad in a bright blue cloak and hemmed skirt, with long, brown leather leggings. When away from the cities, she always carries her Short Bow and Shortsword, along with her standard gear, but when not actually traveling she is rarely armed, preferring to minimize what she carries.


Jayden Arrington was born on 15 Tyralir, 732 CC to lesser nobility the third child and second daughter of Arthur and Beatrice Arrington of Tarsyll. Like her brother Haldric and two younger sisters Leda and Emery, she wasn’t exactly coddled as a child, and had a high aptitude for adaptation to various situations. She and her siblings were rarely uncomfortable, but were taught from an early age to appreciate the deeds of their ancestors that enabled their wealth.

At the age of ten, while visiting the Temple of Lathesma in Tarsyll, she began to develop a great appreciation for the sun deity, and became a regular visitor, even asking her parents to take her as often as possible, inspired by the beautiful, independent-minded women and stylish, swashbuckling men who called it home. It was mere weeks before the Temple priests approached her parents to induct her into training to become a Priestess of Lathesma.

While the Arringtons had been keen on their daughter becoming a lady at court to be married off to some wealthy noble’s son for land, they yielded to the young girl’s pleas and decided to embrace the Temple of Lathesma’s offer and allowed Jayden to become an Acolyte. With their eldest son Haldric becoming knighted, and two other comely daughters to compete for the hearts of Pergan’s noble sons, they indulged Jayden’s desire, House Arrington would still stand strong.

One day early in her time in service to Lathesma, she took the first of many journeys to the opulent city of Paradraxon to further her studies. There, she spoke to older knights in service to Crown Princess Victoria, and learned much of the “Kingdom of Pergammon that was”, and it roused her interest greatly. The life at court her parents had begun to groom her for still held appeal to her, and in seeing Paradraxon (which had survived the Pergammon Civil War intact and complete under the Crown Princess’ leadership), she saw the Kingdom’s glorious past – and this set into her mind the desire to see the Pergammon of old rise again.

Jayden’s appetite for being a strong priestess complemented her desires, and she quickly grew to have many friends and allies in Paradraxon, and soon enough she was among the more promising candidates to become a key player in regional politics given the situations brewing in Pergan. This, however, sadly came at a price for both Jayden and her family.

In the rivalries between Pergan’s Great Nobles, there were often strange alliances between local temples to support their rulers, and Tarsyll was no exception. The Lathesmaic bishops of Tarsyll tacitly supported the Duke – longtime rival of Crown Princess Victoria’s, but given Jayden’s long-held romanticized dreams of a reunified Pergammon, she decided to leave Tarsyll on her 17th birthday to lend her support to the Paradraxon temple instead. This decision caused friction between her parents Arthur and Beatrice and the Duke, so they moved to Paradraxon shortly thereafter at a great cost to their ambitions. This in turn caused friction between them and Jayden, who by this time had become a very independent-minded young woman in her own right. Making matters worse, Jayden’s adventurous journeys on behalf of her “cause” inadvertently led to the death of her brother Sir Haldric in 753 CC while protecting her caravan from Wemics en route from Tarsyll to Caerelle (a city straddling the lands of the Duke and the Countess of Fairaixven.), and rather than see to the needs of her family, she instead booked passage to the distant land of Casmiran to purge her despair with a collection of “ruffians”. (It is whispered that even today Lord Arthur and his most headstrong daughter refuse to speak, but if so it is probably for the best for now, given how adamant each can be.)

After eventually establishing herself firmly in the Paradraxon Temple, Jayden participated in many actions in and around Paradraxon and Tarsyll, continuing to see to the needs of many caravans, and not surprisingly befriending many adventurers in the process. Along with these allies, she wound up in a few troubling situations (somewhat intentionally, feeding her ambitious) before circumstances (mainly in tensions between Tarsyll and Paradraxon) forced them all to go their separate ways. In the process, she finally aroused the ire of Duke Evremar, who formally banished her and her “traitorous” family from the Duchy of Tarsyll.

Denied the opportunity to pursue her aims in the city of her birth, Jayden ardently took to her adopted Lathesmaic Temple of Paradraxon and shifted her interests to similar interests – this time to the eastern city of Eranorn. Jayden’s skillful use of diplomacy and sharp wit quickly made her a favorite of Lord Wilhelm and his seneschal, Albert Meinrad, and almost overnight she became a champion of the restoration of the Earldom – one more step in her desires to see the Kingdom of Pergammon reborn.

Jayden has inadvertently befriended another group in Eranorn and has started to spend more time in the port city, though her ties and loyalty are to the Temple in Paradraxon. For now, Lord Wilhelm and Crown Princess Victoria share many goals and a tacit alliance, and behind closed doors it is said they have Lady Jayden to thank for that.

UPDATE (755 – 759 CC):
In 755 CC, upon returning from her mission on behalf of then-Lord Wilhelm to enlist the aid of King Constere of Casmiran, she took some time to visit her family in Paradraxon. Despite their past issues, she and her father Arthur were able to somewhat come to terms, mainly because she had become so successful on her own path and all that he and Beatrice had been through had not been for nothing (though Arthur is likely where Jayden got her stubborn streak from). Though Arthur still blamed Jayden for the loss of Haldric, he wasn’t a vengeful man, so they managed to stabilize their icy relationship.

Jayden’s younger sisters Leda and Emery had both married lesser nobles; but it was clear that House Arrington would be no more soon enough. Arthur came to the conclusion that the best way to preserve his House’s strength was to put what was left of it behind Jayden, who perhaps was far more capable than he had ever conceived. This alone is likely why their relationship improved as much as it did, though no apologies were ever given.

It was during the fall of 755 CC while praying in the Church of Lathesma in Paradraxon that Jayden received what she felt could only be described as a vision from Lathesma of the rebirth of Pergammon, and after pondering upon this vision for some time, she felt as if she had been called upon to rebuild the Castle of Glascren (though she shared the details of this vision with no one).

The following year in 756 CC, she approached a grateful Earl Wilhelm with the idea to restore the Castle of Glascren, to be an anchor for his western lands. This was something she had negotiated with both Earl Wilhelm and Crown Princess Victoria, and something that could be beneficial for both, given the lawlesness in the otherwise abandoned region. She had intended to restore the Castle to its former glory, and to instate her father as its lord, and invited Arthur and Beatrice to join her at Glascren. However, while they were en route to Glascren, their caravan was attacked by bandits, and they were (supposedly) both killed [?]. Upon learning of their deaths, Jayden sought to take action, but Victoria’s knights eliminated the bandits before Jayden could endanger her own life by taking action.

Crown Princess Victoria then also took it upon herself to bypass the normal procedures and forfeit any royal claims on the now-defunct House Arrington, in honor of what Jayden had sought to accomplish and in sympathy, effectively preserving House Arrington in Jayden’s name alone – much in the same manner House Ruslan had been under Victoria herself following the death of King Ruslan and her brother Prince Auriak. Jayden now sought to go about rebuilding Castle Glascren with every resource at her disposal – dedicating all that was left of her family’s once-great fortune to the cause.

For three years, with a fervent energy, Jayden oversaw the improvement of Glascren’s defenses and recruited a few key investors, craftsmen, and warriors to her cause. She even secretly even enlisted the aid of Dimitri to help equip the Castle, fearing that it would need defenders and supplies, given the strategic location and fearing a possible attack from Baron Leoric to the south. She managed to recruit several unheralded, but promising young men and women to her cause, including Wendell Grey of Pergammon, a young warrior and scholar who at 19 had already written a book about Castles, and Dale Lathrop, son of the nobleman Edmund Lathrop of Caerelle and promising young priest of Lathesma.

Now, Castle Glascren is now a defensible fortress once more, and for all intents and purposes is in Jayden’s hands. Many hardy ‘frontiersmen’ have flocked to the banner of Glascren, including many veterans of the dark days of Pergan, and she is seen by most of them to be the de facto ‘leader’ at Glascren, though she stubbornly refuses any title other than ‘Lady’, in deference to the more traditional Corlain notion that clergy and nobility remain (tacitly) separated.

Roleplay Hints:
You are always a contradiction, as many who serve the sometimes flighty goddess Lathesma are known to be, but your complex personality and relationships come from what could be called a deeply held fantasy of the glorious life of “Pergammon that once was”. How much of this fantasy is actual and how much might be fabricated is unknown to you, but you don’t waste your time with such notions. You want what you want, and aim to see it done. You always get what you want; it’s only a matter of effort.

You do desire romance (though not so much ‘love’), and have a deep hunger for being the lady at court that the great knights jousted for the honor of – but you are also so fiercely independent-minded that few (if any) of them could dare try to tame you. You have long realized this, though, and thus dedicate your life to other things. You love being put on a pedestal, both by those who would love to be your suitors, and by those who appreciate you hard work; but when it comes down to it your independent streak keeps you from staying too long in the limelight. While you are well-respected, you still do not possess true ‘authority’, and until you do you have to put up with others who don’t have the intensity of your passions and goals; and often need time away from them.

You are a very private person; you have little interest in what others actions involve, so long as they aren’t contrary to yours. You have no interest in speaking of your past; you feel you have a handle on all the things that matter in it for better or worse, and you resent the idea of anyone – especially men – prying into your past activities and dealings, or questioning your sincerity. This has cost you a few friends in the past, but it is simply who you are, and you feel those who respect you understand this. You owe few explanations; your loyalty to Lathesma is enough.

You are definitely a well-to do noblewoman and respected priestess, but you do occasionally enjoy mingling with adventurer and commoner alike; you are rarely happier than when you are seeing to the needs of scattered townsfolk, bringing them the light of Lathesma to make their lives better.

You love the idea of furthering the cause of Lathesma, and have construed her greatest cause to be the reinstitution of the Pergammon you dream of, but sometimes you wish you’d grown up slower as well. This is likely one of the primary reasons you deign to spend so much time “adventuring”, especially with the likes of the shady Dimitri – with whom you share mutual “friendly disdain”.

Currently Jayden heads the Priory of Lathesma in Glascren, though she has other holdings as well. She had held residence at a well-established home in Paradraxon, though she’d given it to her parents; preferring to stay at the Temple of Lathesma when she travels to the former capital – likely to avoid dealing with her father. She has a small residence within the walls of Eranorn that she keeps for her own, for those few hours when she wishes to be alone with her thoughts. Generally, wherever she is, she enjoys the company of others at the Temple of Lathesma, or even the occasional high-end local tavern.

Rumors, Secrets and Flaws:
Jayden has few secrets besides those held by those with the upper echelons of nobility, etc. whom she has had negotiations with over the past few years.

It is rumored that Jayden does not particularly get along with other women outside her Temple, but this would not be surprising given her beauty and status. Despite this (if true), she cared deeply for her mother even if she was at odds with her father. The only thing that is certain is that her relationship with her family was ‘turbulent’. She and her brother Haldric were close; much closer than she was to her sisters, who suffered at court due to her actions.

Jayden has accomplished a great deal in her short time as a Priestess of Lathesma, and has developed a wide variety of friends and allies across Pergan. Often she seems to keep certain circles away from others, and often plays down her knowledge of various situations she finds herself in. This is possibly due to a desire to encourage others to underestimate her, or perhaps she has put herself through a variety of situations and wishes to keep certain connections away from the eyes of her other associates.

There are occasional rumors that Jayden has had many lovers in all three cities she has called home in the past, but she rarely addresses any notions of companionship, preferring to keep her desires away from prying eyes. Given the rampant passions and romantic notions of the Priestess of Lathesma, this isn’t surprising, but given the fact she is still unmarried at her age and seemingly happy as such, rumors are only natural. She has little to say about these rumors, almost seeming to enjoy them – but never addresses them. She clearly prefers for the only discussion of her personal life to be rumors…

This feeds into what is perhaps Jayden’s greatest flaw – her assuredness and stubbornness occasionally lend themselves to a degree of arrogance, which has actually manifested itself at least once as nearly megalomaniac tendencies. Her will is so strong that she rarely wrestles with her conscience, and this leads to remarkably little self-reflection of her actions. Her often-impulsive nature also feeds into this, and combined with the lack of a strong counterweight (which would only irritate her), she can occasionally come across as obsessed, or possibly even delusional when she makes up her mind to do something. Despite this, her tremendous cognizance and wisdom are aware of this, and occasionally she will indulge in subterfuge (if need be) to get her points across – almost aware that she sometimes comes as too intense in her views.

Lastly, Jayden has an intense dislike of darkness, which is common for her priesthood.

Jayden’s influence in and around Paradraxon and Tarsyll is strong and growing, thanks to her almost relentless efforts to ‘re-civilize’ the land. She’s rubbed elbows with many powerful nobles and clergy of many Corlain faiths, and she is known to have more than a few friends among the Elves of Feydrilainth, the Mordrin Dwarves, and more than one other exotic lands.

In time, she will likely become a true force to be reckoned with, wielding a great deal of clout, and that will test her patience in dealing with those who don’t share her intensity to accomplish her goals and dreams. Resurrecting Glascren is a true test of her skill and patience; one she eagerly enjoys…

Summarized into one Quote:
“Her light shall rain upon you and show you the way. And I will be that light."

Jayden Arrington

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