Lyssandra Antaynn

Elvish Warrioress of Kariamir


Lyssandra appears very athletic, and quite tall for a High Elf. She has placid blue eyes and is a creature of absolute beauty when she reveals her features. She usually keeps herself in a thick, light bluish cloak with golden edging that is quite concealing, but her long, golden hair can usually be seen escaping it since she rarely keeps it bound.

She usually prefers to keep a low profile, including keeping her weapons concealed (as well as possible) beneath the cloak, though a careful observer would recognize a large bow she keeps wrapped on her back as well as two longswords of Elvish make. Aside from the cloak, she dresses lightly, with a golden bodice and fine white and gold skirt. On rare occasions she greatly enjoys elegant bright dresses, but just never gets the chance these days.

On her brow is a fine, golden circlet, and what can be seen of her smooth, bright skin is usually decorated with all manner of jewelry, of which she is clearly fond.


Little of Lyssandra’s background is known, though it is known that she is an old acquaintance of Dravis the Shadowmancer. Originally from the Elvish lands of Kariamir, she has little reputation in the Torin lands these days, being known only as a wanderer (if that). She claims to have a paramour in Terris Blyfinn, an Elvish wizard who was also a former adventuring companion, though he is rarely seen himself. She seems to make it a point of avoiding people, especially outside of the Elven lands, so there is even few rumors. Along with Dravis, she was present at the Shrine of Larrissah in 726 CC, where their mutual friend Kyle Martus was fully possessed by the spirit of the fallen spirit Tourlack. Lyssandra has vowed to destroy Tourlack, and quests after the demon wherever she learns of his presence. This vow has led her most recently to the realm of Taralmainn where she hunts Tourlack even now…

Roleplaying Hints:
You are sad. Your relationship with Terris is a strange one, but the flighty wizard is usually the only one that can put a smile on your face. You see the world around you as slowly collapsing and you have little interest in getting in the way on a grand scale, though you are attracted to lost causes. Unlike Terris, you have a burning hatred for Tourlack, even though you knew Kyle Martus only for a short while. The anger is more of a desire to redeem yourself for not seeing the evil slowly consume him for so long. Not that it matters, it will only vanish with Tourlack’s destruction.

Lyssandra is definitely a wanderer, though she does have a home with Terris when she returns to the Elven lands of Kariamir.

Secrets and Flaws:
Lyssandra’s past is her only “secret” these days. She is a fairly straightforward and humble woman; though she does have a great deal of difficulty understanding others – even those she is closest to. Truly the embodiment of a loner, she can’t understand why Korlyn Arvandar won’t pursue Tourlack with her, or gather why Dravis hides in his tower, or why even her love Terris seems so distant. She secretly wonders whether her “cause” of hunting Tourlack is the only thing keeping her interest. Though she is tremendously powerful, she simply has little interest in doing much more in this life.

Virtually none.

Summarized into one Quote:
“Good day to you…”

Lyssandra Antaynn

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