Dweller at the Crossroads


For lack of a better description, Mador resembles a tall, powerful, and stout figure wearing a thick, black cloak, weathered through time. Literally no other features are evident. Looking into his hood reveals only blackness, though at least far blacker than the contours of the cloak itself. He speaks with a ghostly voice, as if coldly brought over by a chilling wind itself; sometimes barely comprehensible in its shrill sound. He appears to carry no weapons.


Travelers throughout the World of Kyhermainn, can come across many interesting people in their journeys. Some of the most unlucky ones cross paths with bandits, orcs, or strange creatures that bring danger and despair. And then there are the ones who cross paths with Mador.

Mador is a creature, or probably more likely an entity of absolute mystery. All that is known of this being is that on occasion he will be found where two roads cross; always as if waiting for someone. That someone is given a choice, most often in the form of performing a deed that Mador claims will be of interest to them, though the connection is usually somewhat vague – in exchange for something the person seemingly has an interest in.

Few limits seem to arise as to Mador’s power, much less why he bargains with occasional adventurer. All that is known is that encounters with Mador rarely leave the participants eager to speak of them after the fact. Considering that Mador’s appearances at crossroads sometimes take place even within towns, sightings of the strange figure can quickly make impressions on fearful townsfolk, and Mador never speaks with any whom he is not making deals with.


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