World of Kyhermainn

The War of the Black Blood: Act 05

The Age of Heroes

All Dates Unknown (The Age of Heroes)
There are 4 months, each w/120 days – Hathamal [winter], Lavennah [spring], Lathesma [summer], and Murloch [autumn]
If anyone asks, the current “date” is: the 15th of Murloch 1299 of Argus’ Calendar (early Autumn)


1) DESCRIPTION: Approaching LOR’THRELL (Castle Threll):

Battlelore: Horns of Gondor
Heart of Courage – Invincible; Waking Up – Oblivion ST; Signs of Life – Pink Floyd (humble nature introduction)

> A. Picture Comparison: Lorthell (Age of Mortals) vs. Lor’Threll (Age of Heroes)

You follow the river to a seemingly familiar overlook, and gaze down into a valley, and behold a vast and beautiful castle, gleaming in the sunlight. Its seemingly golden walls stand proud and tall, with an otherworldly strength, meeting at multiple massive spires that seem almost to stretch up into the clouds themselves. As you examine the construction, the layout, and the position near the river, this reminds you or Lorthell. It’s then that you realize that Castle Threll is…Lorthell.

As you approach, you pass many people who seem to be coming and going, each seemingly youthful and energetic. They seem pleasant, well-clothed, and not wanting for anything. There seems to be a great deal of activity as many commune with each other and seemingly the land itself.

You pass through the front gate of the Castle, over a drawbridge made of wood and reinforced by a bluish metal. The land here is lush, blooming with various flowers, and gardens bloom in front of most of the buildings. There seems to be an aura of peace permeating the area, as motes of light seem to drift in the air all around you. Finely constructed wagons pulled by powerful, white horses pass by as many of the townsfolk give you curious, yet friendly smiles. The winding road is paved with stone as smooth as if it had been tempered by a flowing river.

Guards and warriors clad in the strange bluish plate armors seem ubiquitous as well throughout the city. Those standing in position seem emotionless and stock still, while those walking through the streets seem as energetic and warm as the rest of the townsfolk.

The Great Hall:
You continue up the hill towards the inner keep, and the Great Hall, passing through another massive set of walls, these seemingly of shaped stone reinforced with a whitish metallic substance. Blue-clad warriors mix about with others in fine clothes and bright faces, and you approach the entrance to the glorious Great Hall. It seems to have towers stretching up into the heavens themselves, capped with finely-shaped stonework. As you enter, the entire interior seems to be formed of shaped and smoothed marble, and you marvel at how surreal and beautiful the mere foyer is.

> B. The Characters waited with ISODE, NINEVE, and KERILD, but the heralds informed them that LARRISSAH would see the three of them first…..


Music – We are Flesh and Blood – Ron Jones (ST:NG ST)

You enter into a side chamber and are led around what must be the Great Hall itself; the herald walks calmly past massive warriors and finely-adorned nobles, as the air itself seems filled with life. Lining the walls of each hallway are long planters filled with exotic and beautiful blooms from seemingly all over the world, given sunlight from amazingly-crafted openings which seem like mere slits in the walls, but in fact allow for light to illuminate the entire walls.

You step out into a large courtyard, the air filled with the sound of a pleasant spring and stream that seems to flow down through a finely crafted aqueduct. The whole courtyard is filled with more beautiful plants and trees of white wood and verdant leaves, watched over by multiple exotic butterflies and birds. A path of finely-carved marble is laid out through the courtyard, leading to the center, where a pool of water rests between the two most massive trees.

In front of the pool rests a single figure, who slowly rises as you approach. She wears a finely-made long, backless flowing white dress that seems both simple and yet has an air of elegance to it. Long golden hair hangs loosely, waving in a non-existent breeze over her shoulders as she turns to gaze upon you. She seems to emanate power and grace, as if she herself was from the realm beyond, that the gods call home. Her brow seems surrounded by a dim illumination when she is still, as if she was beloved by the light itself.

She holds a tall and athletic build; her very skin seems the color of ivory, and her eyes are the hue of the deep ocean. Her features are human, but also…something more. She is beautiful, if not nearly divine in appearance, despite the simplicity of her demeanor and dress.

Her warm, yet hypnotic gaze showers over each of you as she silently approaches, as you each stand in awe of one of the most legendary figures in all of Kyhermainn’s history – who some claim is a daughter of Kyhermainn herself; who had along with the fabled Lord Argus the Wise led humanity from the forgotten lands of Amergosan across the sea to the lands of Pergan and Taralmainn, who had shaped the Shrine that had held Tourlack in check, and whose name is sung in praises by all who know it – the Archdruidess Larrissah.

She then rests her warm gaze to the Shadowmancer, and asks:

“What are you doing here, Dravis?”


+ LARRISSAH is an immensely ancient and powerful being. She is as such a being barely incomprehensible to the Characters, and comes across as distant.

+ Though distant, she seemed to have much pity for the Characters.


> A. DRAVIS, somewhat caught off guard, answered as best he could, defaulting to the characters’ purpose of defeating TOURLACK.

>> i. LARRISSAH claimed she knew of DRAVIS and LYSSANDRA because they had: “…..passed into one of the blessed places that I have crafted a Shrine to the Realms – any who does is a person who is known to me if I behold them.”

>> ii. She was vague what this meant, though.

> B. LARRISSAH then wondered who the Characters were – “why those so out of place would come here”, “where they were from”, “why they have come to find her”, etc. She believed that a great journey weighed heavily on their minds.

> C. ALTAYIR quickly opened up, explaining to LARRISSAH that the Characters were from far in the future, and that they sought her assistance in taking steps to get closer to an understanding of ALTAYIR’s vision, etc. and further their goal of defeating TOURLACK.

>> i. This immediately drew “shushing” from LYSSANDRA, who’d made it a point – that the Characters agreed on – that they shouldn’t make mention of their true origins.

>>> 1. LARRISSAH then seemed to be dismissive of LYSSANDRA, mentioning “Elath’s children don’t seem to have the courage to venture this far…”

>> ii. ALTAYIR responded it was likely pointless to try to hide anything from LARRISSAH.

>> iii. LARRISSAH herself acted as if this wasn’t much of a revelation, claiming that she was sometimes “cursed by prophecy”.

> D. At some point during the discussion of their journey to LOR’THRELL, she asked if they have lost a member of their group recently, and reintroduced them to BRANDR

>> i. LARRISSAH also knew some of what BRANDR had ‘wailed’ about, but this only dealt with TOURLACK, etc.


Altayir Premonition
(Believed Meaning)
>>>> Larrissah Knowledge

+ “Only by Torin hand can he be confronted.”
>>>> This seems exceptionally clear to her, but she is dismissive of it, realizing that this will take care of itself if the Characters are “cured”.

+ “Only by the grasp of the son of a Torin and son of a traitor can the three-blade be broken.”
>>>> This also seems clear to her, and she asks BRANDR about his father. The rest will become clear in time also…

+ “Only by the three-blade being broken can Tourlack be imprisoned once more.” (FIGURED OUT)
So long as the three-bladed sword is united, Tourlack is upon the world of Kyhermainn.
>>>> No additional knowledge

+ “Only by Tourlack’s imprisonment can Tempest’s children be saved.” (FIGURED OUT)
If Tourlack isn’t stopped, he will eventually gain enough ground, power, and people in Taralmainn to gain enough strength to wash away the remainder of resistance and take over the realm.
>>>> No additional knowledge

+ “Only the shadow of one who released him may even find the way.” (FIGURED OUT)
Only Dravis can find the way to the land of Shal’mae.
>>>> No additional knowledge

+ “You must go to the land of Shal’mae.” (FIGURED OUT)
_ An ancient name for the early Torin kingdom that encompassed the lands of Taralmainn just after the Torin exodus from Suthmerai/Amergosan. Shal’mae existed possibly in the early days before Caelthash and Whurmat fought each other at Kadgar._
>>>> Obvious at this point…..

+ “You must find the Throne of Pellius.”
>>>> The Throne of Pellius is not in the Great Hall – it is where his spirit rests eternally rather than succumb to illness – the great Pool of Larrissah…

+ “You must speak to the spirit of Mierna.”
>>>> Larrissah seems somewhat annoyed by this, but does not elaborate…

+ “You must bathe in the waters of Larissah.” (PARTIALLY FIGURED OUT)
Larrissah was a Torin arch-druidess during the Age of Heroes who along with Lord Argus the Wise led a mass exodus from the Torin homeland (now Amergosan) to the western lands of Taralmainn and Pergammon, etc.
>>>> Larrissah understands these completely, and gives the quest to the characters to find the Muraychas Root, though she will be vague in answering any questions. (Again, she does not like being questioned by mortals.)

+ “You must regain that which was taken from you by your dear, sweet mother.”
>>>> Larrissah understands these completely, and gives the quest to the characters to find the Muraychas Root, though she will be vague in answering any questions. (Again, she does not like being questioned by mortals.)

> F. LARRISSAH claimed the Characters were “very ill”, and that they: “come from a place that is colder and darker than the imagination can fathom, a place where the children of the Torins huddle together in scattered realms around the few places of light in fear of the darkness that surrounds them.”

> i. Interestingly enough, she seemed to feel as if “curing their illness” was far more important than assisting them in defeating TOURLACK.

> ii. She seemed fairly blasé about the Characters quest, and their goals, but she did act as if helping them was something she needed to do –

> G. ISODE’S RANGERS: LARRISSAH asked the Characters to remain nearby as she called upon the Rangers that the Characters had ventured in with.

>> i. ISODE addressed LARRISSAH and told her of their mission:

>>> 1. It was given to her, NINEVE, and KERILD (by “J’HANAR the WOUNDED”.)

>>>2. The Lord of TOR’MARDEN, J’HANAR THE WOUNDED has become badly ill. He once received visions from many of the gods, and became fortunate because of this gift.

>>> 3. However, he became greedy and chose to use the visions selfishly, to gain power for its own sake. Now only MURLOCH sends him visions.

>>> 4. He has now come to regret his actions, and does not wish to succumb to the disease. He seeks the MURAYCHAS ROOT, in order to save others – and thereby redeem himself…

>>> 5. ISODE says that they have searched far and wide for MURAYCHAS ROOT, but have found none; their only hope lay with LARRISSAH.

>>> 6. ISODE tells LARRISSAH that her group had been sent by J’HANAR, but they had gotten caught up in the monstrous battle that had taken place all throughout the area. They had to evade a slew of Giants, and Wyverns were sent after them – and they likely would have been slain if it were not for the intervention of the Characters…

>>> 7. They believed that their quest is blessed by the gods, because they were told “they would find a Seer at the Praying Rock that would be able to aid them” by J’HANAR…

> H. ISODE then spoke highly of the Characters to LARRISSAH, claiming they greatly aided her Rangers in their flight from the WYVERNS.

>> i. LARRISSAH asked the Characters if they would journey with ISODE’S RANGERS, since they seemed to share the same goals; and she would speak with them the following day.


1) The Characters had an afternoon in LOR’THRELL……..

> A. DRAVIS: Originally intending to spend the majority of his time in his ‘traveling tower’, Dravis changed his mind and spent most of his time in various libraries trying to find useful spells, items, etc. to bring back to 753 CC.

> B. ALTAYIR: Set out to have a set of Eliphus armor crafted for him.

> C. BRANDR: Spent most of his time in the company of ISODE.

> D. LYSSANDRA: Not feeling particularly welcome, LYSSANDRA just left and met up with the characters later…


1) The following day, LARRISSAH told them that there were three remaining MURAYCHUS ROOTS that she knew of upon the World of Kyhermainn; but only knew where two may be found.

2) She contemplated, and told the Characters that they would travel to the VALE OF THE GUARDIANS – for within it in a spring of life rested one of the final MURAYCHUS ROOTS


> A. The Path to the VALE was the “easy part”. LARRISSAH told the Characters that they possessed one of the Three KEYS OF INGRESS, created long ago (this particular one by VERTOMAN). They would reveal to the wielder (if a follower of Vertoman) the path to wherever they chose (as per Find the Path).

>> i. The Characters must simply get lost, then use the Key…

>> ii. The VALE OF THE GUARDIANS would test their wits as well as their strength…

4). Once finding the MURAYCHAS ROOT, they were to return it to her. There she would cure them, and make them ‘whole again’, along with J’HANAR THE WOUNDED, for whom ISODE’S RANGERS were questing.

5) She also said she would send word to TOR’MARDEN to J’HANAR THE WOUNDED, so he could come to LOR’THRELL…


1) 2x Day journey filled with interesting Roleplay….

2) After the 2x days, the Characters found a spot where none of the seven of them had been before – and were ‘lost’. When the Characters used the key, it pulled them towards a dense, beautiful forest.

3) Soon, they found a Conduit to the VALE OF THE GUARDIANS


The Conduit led to the first of three Challenges:

The pathway led to a large gate with a great chasm, and what appeared to be the ruins of a once-magnificent bridge that has since been destroyed. On the other side appeared to be a rocky canyon. The other side could clearly be seen, but there was a veil of light that seemed to fill the Chasm.

> A. In front of the broken bridge was a single large tablet, inscribed with the words:

Only one color, but not one size
Stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies
Present in sun, but not in rain,
Doing no harm, and feeling no pain.
Whether you are first, or whether you’re last
Only by me may you pass.

ANSWER: A Shadow – DRAVIS must use SHADOW WALK (W7) to get across, and let the others through…

After the Characters emerged on the other side of the Bridge, they continued on, through the rocky canyon, until it narrowed to a gap only a few feet across. Within the gap, though, lay a massive tree – on fire, yet not burning.

> A. In front of the tree, there was a burned corpse clutching a scroll, which read:

What force and strength cannot get through, I with a gentle touch can do.
And many in the street would stand, were I not a friend at hand.

ANSWER: A Key – ALTAYIR must place the key in the fiery tree – the Ice formed a barrier that protected the wielder from the flames, melting as it approached the tree and evaporating – extinguishing the fire, allowing the Characters to proceed.

> B. At first, DRAVIS attempted to put the fire out; and LYSSANDRA moved towards him “just in case he was wrong”. A lance of flame burst forth from the tree towards DRAVIS, and LYSSANDRA leapt in front of him, absorbing the flames, though her beautiful blue cloak was ruined. She told DRAVIS disapprovingly “it was magical”…

As the Characters passed the Tree, they approached another massive Chasm – the bottom was clearly visible miles down.

> A. In front of the Chasm is a single stone; chiseled in it are the words:

I cover what’s real, hide what is true, but sometimes bring out the courage in you.

ANSWER: Fear – BRANDR must leap – facing his fears. There is an “invisible” lake not but a few feet down…

4) As the Characters swam across (they must), they found themselves in a winding garden, seemingly wonderfully tended to. At the middle, they found a beautiful grove, flanked by two massive Statues – one of gold, the other of silver.

At the center of the Grove was a large, majestic looking reddish-purple blossom – a MURAYCHAS ROOT.

> A. As the Characters approach, the area animates, and the MURAYCHAS ROOT is protected by a NATURE ELEMENTAL


> C. The Characters concentrated on the NATURE ELEMENTAL, and defeated it.


NOTE: Many details later filled in between sessions via E-Mail.

1) DRAVIS: Spent most of his time in various libraries trying to find useful spells, items, etc. to bring back to 753 CC.

> A. Over the first 10 days upon returning from the Vale of the Guardians, Dravis was able to find three books dealing with shadow magic. Each book had a great deal of generalized information, and many spells. The first was a tome simply titled “Light and Dark”; it seemed to be an introduction to maximizing and removing shadow from the immediate space around an individual. If Dravis didn’t know any better, he could swear the book seemed to be almost written for young adults. Within its pages, however, he found the spells Stealth (W2), and Moonglow (W1).

> B. A day or so later, he found a different tome that had been tucked away behind some other books, and appeared to have a mundane lock upon it. The title was “Bellatoren Regnem Umbra, Volume I”. It seemed to deal with combating creatures using shadows, and was highly informative, apparently having been written by a warrior/wizard named Laudine of Kresslan. In its pages were the spells Shadowshield (W4), and Phantom Blade (W5). The following day, Dravis found “Bellatoren Regnem Umbra, Volume II”, containing the spell Shadow Burst (W2).

2) ALTAYIR: Spent time with NINEVE

3) BRANDR: Spent time with ISODE (See Writeup)

4) LYSSANDRA: Spent time away from the city.


1) After nearly two weeks, the Characters were called to the Great Hall, into LARRISSAH’S COURTYARD. They were each given a set of white robes to don, and told to meet at the pool.

2) While there, they found an old, almost crippled man barely able to stand, dressed in dark gray robes. He claimed he was J’HANAR THE WOUNDED of TOR’MARDEN, and that though he was thankful to ISODE and her RANGERS, he would not be participating in the ritual.

> A. J’HANAR claimed that he had made a peace with MURLOCH, and that he wanted to meet the Characters before he met death.

3) DRAVIS, ALTAYIR, and BRANDR each changed into the white robes and entered the pool. LARRISSAH enacted the ritual, which seemed to take quite some time; though the characters couldn’t tell how long. Time itself seemed to pass quickly, and they eventually exited the water with a newfound feeling of strength and a much stronger connection to the world around them.

> A) LARRISSAH mentioned that LORD BISHOP RUMELL, follower of Chronish had sent word that he had an interest in speaking with them, and would do so fairly soon.

> B) She then claimed that rest would do each of them well, and then retired…


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